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Custom Deck Builder in Colorado Springs

We provide professional construction services and general contracting for the Colorado Springs, CO and El Paso County areas.

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complete deck Building services for your home

Advantage General Contracting Inc. is an expert custom deck builder in Colorado Springs, CO. We are capable of completely transforming any home with an old deck or no deck at all. When you choose our professional team, we help you design the perfect decks, outdoor living spaces, patios, covers, pergolas, steel panel railing, staircases, deck accessories, and more. Our complete list of custom deck services below come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can help you determine the cost of your next custom deck! Give us a call or request a free estimate today!

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Custom Deck Engineering

When it comes to deck engineering we construct a plan that is perfect for your needs. We make a plan that fits your needs to include size, height, levels, stairs, ramps, property lines, existing grades or structures, framing, sides, rails, water drainage and special conditions for your deck amenities.

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Custom Wood Decks

Decks are the perfect upgrade for homeowners looking to entertain guests on those warm summer days and nights. We help you choose from a variety of options of lasting deck materials such as cedar, pine, redwood and other pressure treated woods.

Wood Paneling & Composite Decks

Wood Paneling & Composite Decks

You may decide to choose wood or composite materials for your next custom deck. Wood has a semi-transparent stain with a natural look while composite decks have a smooth finish and smooth touch.

Custom Deck Staircases and Rails

Custom Deck Staircases and Rails

Nothing compliments a new custom deck than a custom staircase. We build custom staircases for single and multilevel decks with a single or double width. We make sure the style of staircase your choose matches to perfection!

Custom Deck and Outdoor Living Space

Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

Get that DVR ready. There's something about watching your favorite sport or movie in the man cave of your choice. Advantage General Contracting Inc. can make sure you get all the amenities and necessities to keep you nice and cozy in that sacred cave!

Custom Deck Wood Paneling

Custom Wood Paneling

The type of wood panels can really make a statement for your next custom deck. From thin to think boards, long or short panels, we are capable of helping your deck stand out with straight or diagonal cut paneling.

Custom Deck Finishing

Custom Deck Finishes

With the various types of wood and composite materials to choose from, we help you get that custom deck finish for that perfect match to your home. We help you decide on durable, heat resistant and scratch resistant finished for a long lasting beauty.

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Deck Rain Water Management

While most deck builders don't take into account the harsh weather we can experience in Colorado, our team makes sure your deck comes with custome rain water management to prevent unecessary wear and tear on your deck and costly leakage that can effect your home.

Deck weather damage prevention

Deck Weather Damage Prevention

Colorado residents often battle the effects of heavy snow, hail or sun exposure. We make sure your deck has weather treated materials so once you build your deck the first time you wont have to worry about seasonal damage in the long run.

Cusom deck pergoloas and gazebos

Custom Pergolas & Gazebos

Pergolas are perfect for any custom Colorado Springs deck! Pergolas and Gazebos can not only provide shade for guests or plants, they can provide added long term protection to your deck and fancy link to outdoor living areas such as pools or bbq grills.

Advantage General Contracting Inc Colorado Springs Custom Deck

Hot Tub, Jacuzzi & Pool Decks

Nothing compliments a cool Colorado Springs day that a hot tub and custom deck enclosure. We help you frame around any pool or jacuzzi and provide custom solutions for extra storage for your outdoor gear.

Advantage General Contracting Inc Colorado Springs Custom Patio

Custom Stacked Stone Columns

Custom deck columns are another way to help exaggerate the aesthetics of any deck. We can help you pick out stacked stones of almost any type to match your home and patio.

Custom Deck Building

Built-In Deck Grills, Fire Pits & Benches

Most of our customers not only need a custom deck but they desire custom solutions for deck amenities such as grills, fire pits and benches. With creativity at our core, we can accompany your deck with built-in enclosures or hidden storage space.


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Custom Decks, Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces

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Are you planning on adding a new custom deck to your home? What about custom pergolas, hot tub decks or gorgeous outdoor living spaces? Advantage General Contracting specializes in custom deck building and engineering for all your needs.

We are a team of expert general contractors based in Colorado Springs, Colorado capable of building custom decks, patios, pergolas and outdoor living spaces and we provide all necessary steps from planning to completion.

With every custom deck or outdoor living space, you get:

  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded
  • Estimate Guaranteed for 30 Days
  • Qualified Workmanship
  • Friendly Communication
  • We’ll Come To You
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Professional Deck Building and More

Basement Remodeling

Hiring a custom deck builder is one of the best ways to get the most out of your project needs and budget.

Whether or not you are in the early stages of planning and budgeting or ready to start your custom deck project, we have a team of highly skilled deck builders in Colorado Springs that will help you:

  • Determine how much work needs to be done to estimate your deck building costs
  • Find out what needs to be engineered for your new deck and what doesn’t
  • Determine what level of terrain that can support your deck structure
  • Plan for deck and patio amenities such as tables, chairs, benches, grills, fire pits, potted plants and planters, hot tubs, pools, and more
  • Install the proper rail system including wood, metal, glass panel and cable
  • Install gorgeous panels and pattering including angled and mitered border
  • Source high quality deck materials at excellent pricing!

our general contracting services can do it all!

your budget & timeline matters to us

Make the most out of your kitchen remodel budget

Undoubtedly, custom decks help bring tremendous aesthetic value to any home outdoor living space. With so many styles to choose from, our deck building team can help you get the perfect deck within your budget and timeline.

We specialize in maximizing your custom deck budget so you can go into the building process with an accurate estimate of materials and labor costs. Our team can answer questions about using composites vs factors to consider that may affect your budget, how we can build high quality decks at great pricing, how to save on deck maintenance and more.

we guaranteed your satisfaction

As an experienced general contracting company, we understand many aspects of the deck building process. Like all of our clients, we don’t finish until you are happy with the results.

Upon completion of every newly built custom deck, we guide you through a thorough inspection to ensure a quality job has been provided. Our team provides you with post-renovation support and a simple way to contact us for questions or concerns.

we manage all phases of your project, big or small!

Get help and guidance along the way

we help you take the next step in your kitchen remodel plans

The next step to getting an expert estimate for your custom deck project is to give us a call or send us a message about your needs.

Our expert team will help you with:

  • Planning out your custom deck ideas
  • Assessing your existing outdoor living space
  • Determining a project budget that fits your needs
  • Understanding your project timeline from start to completion

hear what customers have to say

we work fast to get your the perfect Custom Deck for your home!


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