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Bathroom Remodeling in Colorado Springs

We provide professional construction services and general contracting for the Colorado Springs, CO and El Paso County areas.

Recent Projects

complete bathroom remodel services for your home

Advantage General Contracting Inc. is a professional contractor serving El Paso county and fully capable of upgrading, remodeling or designing your next bathroom. Our complete list of bathroom remodeling services in Colorado Springs, CO come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for showers, baths, flooring, lighting, electrical, cabinets, countertops, sinks, vanities and more! We can help you determine the cost of your next bathroom remodel! Give us a call or request a free estimate today!

Bathroom Showers


With enchanting, sleek, and stylish looks; frameless glass shower is one of the best bathroom upgrades you can make. With phenomenal looks that it brings to your Colorado Springs bathroom, it also offers easy to install and maintain in the long run. Frameless shower doors are a great addition because they open up your bathroom by allowing natural light to illuminate your shower.

Bathroom Countertops


Upgrading a sink or bathroom countertop in your Colorado Springs home? We can meet your bathroom remodeling needs with a double vanity, free standing vanity, new sink installation or upgrade your current countertops with materials that include laminate, granite, quartz, buther-block, concrete, marble, ceramic tile, soapstone and more.

Bathroom Baths and Tubs


These tubs are comparatively bit expensive than built-in tubs but you can get the deep soak to wash away the stress of your whole day. These lust-worthy bathtubs are been popular in recent years for Colorado Springs home remodels. They come in an incredible variety of size of shapes to give you the best enjoyable bath of your life. Freestanding tubs can be placed anywhere even in the middle of the bathroom under a skylight whereas traditional built-in tub requires more space and support of two walls.

Bathroom Toilets


A bathroom toilet upgrade is almost always a must for any bathroom remodel project. Although you may be limited to the location of the toilet in your bathroom, our expert Colorado Springs team can help you determine how you can make the most of your new or existing bathroom toilet install. With our expert team by your side, we make sure you don't have any post leakage or pluming issues and all of our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bathroom Cabinets


It is a small but most useful upgrade in a bathroom so your countertop doesn’t become the next clutter zone. You can store small items like toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and prescriptions in your medicine cabinet above your vanity. With our Colorado Springs remodel services, you have several options including recessed, surface mount, and corner mounts medicine cabinets to choose from.

Bathroom Lighting and Windows

Lighting & Windows

Gone are the days for gloomy and dull bathrooms lit artificially by old-fashioned lights. You now have several options for having elegant and stylish windows and skylights to improve the natural light of your bathroom and let the beautiful Colorado Springs view in. Additionally, if you’ve got a bigger size bathroom; glazed doors and large windows are a considerable improvement in your bathrooms.

Bathroom Tile


Installing a backsplash of glass mosaic tile above your vanity or even a tile on the entire wall or walls can be an affordable and easy bathroom upgrade. The tiles can give you a unique texture and coloring effect that is hard to get by a paintbrush. We provide expert tile installation in Colorado Springs.

Drywall and Layout

Drywall & Layout

Some bathroom remodel projects will require a new layout or drywall installation. With our skilled drywall team, we can reduce installation time from a few weeks down to a few days. Just think about how you can improve your Colorado Springs home when you have local remodelers right by your side!

Bathroom Sinks and Double Vanity


An anchored bathroom cabinet to the wall, creating an illusion of added space, is an easy yet effective way to give your bathroom a clean and modern look. Floating vanities give your Colorado Springsbathroom a glamorous, minimalist, and luxurious look with many advantages that they offer.

Bathroom Flooring


Removing old floors is a great way to establish an updated look for any bathroom remodel project in Colorado Springs! Adding new vinyl or tile flooring is our expertise. Looking for radiant heat floor? This smart technology gives you a luxurious feeling with warmth underfoot for a chilly space. Even if you don’t want to install a new floor, you get a layer of the soft area rug to greet your feet when you step out of the tub or shower.

Bathroom Fixtures


Often the most appealing aspect of a bathroom remodel is upgrading fixtures. We install faucets, shower heads, light switches and covers, lamp covers and more! Our local Colorado Springs team can help your find the right style of fixtures or we can make your fixture ideas come to life.

Complete Bathroom Remodeling in Colorado Springs


You bathroom might already have an outdated vent fan, so it’s a good idea to get it replaced with new innovative designs. These bathrooms vent fans should remove hot, moist air and odors out and improve the overall airflow. We provide expert Colorado Springs ventilation upgrades and excellent support!


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If you are in the market to upgrade your existing bathroom, renovate a master bathroom or add a new bathroom to your home, our general contracting service is the perfect fit for you!

We are a team of expert general contractors based in Colorado Springs, Colorado capable of updating and remodeling your home bathroom and we provide all necessary steps from planning to completion.

With every bathroom remodel services, you get:

  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded
  • Estimate Guaranteed for 30 Days
  • Qualified Workmanship
  • Friendly Communication
  • We’ll Come To You
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

full or partial renovations

Master Bathrooms

Hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor is one of the best ways to get the most out of your project needs and budget.

Whether or not you are in the early stages of planning and budgeting or ready to start your bathroom remodel project, we have a team of highly skilled bathroom remodeling contractors in Colorado Springs that will help you:

  • Determine how much work needs to be done to estimate your bathroom remodeling costs
  • Find out what needs to be replaced in your bathroom and what doesn’t
  • Do a complete gut job for your bathroom renovation
  • Replace bathroom countertops and bathroom cabinets
  • Install new bathroom floors, appliances and fixtures
  • Handle all aspects of the bathroom remodeling process such as permits and safety regulations
  • Source high quality bathroom materials at excellent pricing!

our general contracting services can do it all!

your budget & timeline matters to us

Make the most out of your kitchen remodel budget

Managing your entire bathroom remodeling project from start to finish can be a process. We have the right resources to help you layout the entire project so you can stay in control of your renovation budget.

We can help you understand the scope of the work involved in remodeling your bathroom, avoid DIY mistakes, save money with quality contractors and make sure your bathroom renovation is finished in a timely matter.

we guaranteed your satisfaction

As an experienced general contracting company, we understand many aspects of the bthroom remodeling process. Like all of our clients, we don’t finish until you are happy with the results.

Upon completion of every bathroom remodeling project, we guide you through a thorough inspection to ensure a quality job has been provided. Our team provides you with post-renovation support and a simple way to contact us for questions or concerns.

we manage all phases of your project, big or small!

Get help and guidance along the way

we help you take the next step in your kitchen remodel plans

The next step to making your bathroom dreams a reality is to give us a call or send us a message about your needs.

Our expert team will help you with:

  • Planning out your bathroom remodeling ideas.
  • Assessing your new or existing bathroom space.
  • Determining a project budget that fits your needs
  • Understanding your project timeline from start to completion

hear what customers have to say

we work fast to get your the perfect Bathroom of your dreams!


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