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Basement Finishing in Colorado Springs

We provide professional construction services and general contracting for the Colorado Springs, CO and El Paso County areas.

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complete Basement Finishing services for your home

Advantage General Contracting Inc. is your professional, trusted contractor for basement finishing in Colorado Springs, CO. We are capable of completely transforming your unfinished basement into a comfortable living space and we can perform room additions such as living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, suites, kitchenettes, media rooms, man caves and more. Our complete list of basement finishing services below come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We can help you determine the cost of your next basement finish! Give us a call or request a free estimate today!

Basement Living Rooms

Living Rooms

There's nothing like a bright basement living room for the family to enjoy. Turning an old empty space without walls, flooring, furniture and electrical takes time and expertise. Our experts can handle your simple needs as well as any complex ideas you have.

Media Room

Media Rooms

When adding a media room to your home's basement, get ready to enjoy that movie the right way. We make sure your basement is properly configured for proper layout, correct speaker placement, best tv or projector viewing angles and appropriate lighting.

Bathroom Toilets


Almost all basements can benefit from an additional bedroom or two. Not to mention that additional rooms can help you increase the value of your home. Wether you have a growing family or just need the extra space, our contracting services can make sure you get your new basement bedroom constructed professionally.

Bathroom Baths and Tubs


Bathrooms and bedrooms are an easy way to help increase home value and the perfect place for an addition is your unfinished basement. We help you prepare and install lighting, plumbing, bathtubs, sinks and more!

Man Cavees

Man Caves

Get that DVR ready. There's something about watching your favorite sport or movie in the man cave of your choice. Advantage General Contracting Inc. can make sure you get all the amenities and necessities to keep you nice and cozy in that sacred cave!

Basement Fitness Room

Fitness Rooms

When getting to the gym becomes a hassle or time seems to slip by before you can make it to spin class, we can help you create a sleek, sturdy, motivational fitness room in which you can log countless hours of sweat equity and satisfaction. If its Yoga or Pelaton, we are here to help you build the perfect fitness room in the comfort of your basement.

Basement Open Spaces

Open Spaces

Creating a functional basement configuration means utilizing open space correctly. Did we mention this also helps you lower your basement budget at the same time? Let our experts help you maximize your budget while create wonderfully open layouts that can impress.

Basement Wall and Ceiling Solutions

Wall & Ceiling Solutions

From interior walls, partitions, staircases, bookshelves, fireplaces and doors, Advantage General Contracting Inc. can help you get your new basement walls and ceilings finished including paint and texture.

Basement Kitchenette

Bars & Kitchenettes

Taking the family outside of the busy kitchen area and down to a cozy basement bar or kitchenette can help declutter your high traffic areas in your home. Custom styles and budget friendly completion is what we do best!

Basement Flooring

Flooring Solutions

We make sure you not only get the ideal flooring in your basement, we make sure your wood floors, carpet or tile remains safe from mold or wetness from cracks, leaks or potential damage an existing unfinished basement may have.

Basement Stairs


Often overlook, basement staircases can add to the overall design of a newly finished basement. We provide basic and custom staircase finishing including hand rails, banisters and lighting.

Basement Windows


Although some basements are dark and gloomy by design, our general contracting experience allows us to get your excellent basement window/lighting solutions so you brighten up the place!

Basement lighting


Wether you need custom or standard lighting for a basement room, we know how to get you cost-saving solutions with energy efficient products that are safe for every room in your home.

Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling

Although some basements in Colorado or completely unfinished, we understand that there are scenarios in which an existing basement can benefit from an update in design and layout. We have experience in managing the entire basement remodel process, saving you time and money!

Basement waterproofing, Mold and Leak Prevention


Waterproofing you unfinished basement prior to any construction is a step we do not take lightly. In order to prevent costly damages in the future, Advantage General Contracting Inc. takes extra precautionary actions to make sure you get a lasting basement finish job without the headaches.

Basement Insulation


If there is anything you can do to cut down on annual costs of your home, basement insulation is one of them. We utilized insulation properly to keep your home basement temperature at comfortable levels without compromising excess electric or gas consumption.

Home Office

Home Office

Keep distractions at a minimum with a custom home office in your home basement! We make sure you get all your office necessities in order and keep that productivity at an all-time high!


A Colorado Springs Contractor For Over 20 Years!

Complete BAsement Remodeling and Finishing solutions

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If you are in the market to finish your existing basement, add a new living room, construct a new bathroom or bedroom, or add a new recreation room or media room in you basement our general contracting service is the perfect fit for you!

We are a team of expert general contractors based in Colorado Springs, Colorado capable of updating and remodeling your basement and we provide all necessary steps from planning to completion.

With every basement finishing services, you get:

  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded
  • Estimate Guaranteed for 30 Days
  • Qualified Workmanship
  • Friendly Communication
  • We’ll Come To You
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

full or partial renovations

Basement Remodeling

Hiring a basement finishing contractor is one of the best ways to get the most out of your project needs and budget.

Whether or not you are in the early stages of planning and budgeting or ready to start your basement remodel project, we have a team of highly skilled basement finishing contractors in Colorado Springs that will help you:

  • Determine how much work needs to be done to estimate your basement finish costs
  • Find out what needs to be replaced in your basement and what doesn’t
  • Make sure mold and rust prevention takes place
  • Replace old beams, banisters, drywall, flooring and electrical
  • Install new basement floors, walls and fixtures
  • Handle all aspects of the basement finishing process such as permits and safety regulations
  • Source high quality basement products at excellent pricing!

our general contracting services can do it all!

your budget & timeline matters to us

Make the most out of your kitchen remodel budget

Whether you are looking to finish an entire basement to include construction of living rooms, bathrooms, entertainment rooms, wet bars, rec rooms, fitness rooms, home offices, in-law suites or just looking to remodel your basement to get additional rooms; the cost of your work will vary based on your location, type of enhancement, quality of material, and complexity or amount of work needed.

Some works are mandatory like waterproofing, ventilation, dehumidifying, and lighting while some design aspects and fixtures are optional which you can decide to leave to stay within budget.

We care about getting you the most out of your basement finishing budget and will stop and nothing to keep you satisfied!

we guaranteed your satisfaction

As an experienced general contracting company, we understand many aspects of the basement finishing process. Like all of our clients, we don’t finish until you are happy with the results.

Upon completion of every basement upgrade or new build, we guide you through a thorough inspection to ensure a quality job has been provided. Our team provides you with post-renovation support and a simple way to contact us for questions or concerns.

we manage all phases of your project, big or small!

Get help and guidance along the way

we help you take the next step in your kitchen remodel plans

The next step to getting an expert estimate for your next bathroom finishing project is to give us a call or send us a message about your needs.

Our expert team will help you with:

  • Planning out your basement ideas.
  • Assessing your new or existing basement space.
  • Determining a project budget that fits your needs
  • Understanding your project timeline from start to completion

hear what customers have to say

we work fast to get your the perfect Basement of your dreams!


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